1964 Serro Scotty Hilander

1964 Serro Scotty Hilander

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Anybody hawngree?

Well howdy ya'll! Daryll here again to clue you in on what's been happening down yonder in our neck of the woods! Did you miss me much? Jeet yet? Good, cause we is hawngree and we are fixin to get ready to make some fixins in me again! 

 Whenever 99 does up a trailer she always has one meal in it before she sends it on it's merry way. Well you caint have no dinner if ya' ain't got some nice surroundings. So, she set out to work on my dinette. When I plopped down in her driveway I wasn't so bad looking, but 99 thought I could use some fixin' and some sprucin'. I started out with white walls and camo upholstery. About as cheery and bright as a burnt out light bulb. Like this...

You can see I have some water damage from a previous leak on each side of the front windows. It's not too bad, but did cause the wood to ripple a bit. 99 sanded it down, filled in holes, and repaired me as best she could. Then she removed all my trim, table, and cushions. She stuck a flathead screwdriver through the cracks around the window to see if the brace boards were still solid and she felt this front wall just warranted a paint job and would not require taking out the whole wall. 

Just some of the trim that was removed and stripped and polished! Nice and shiny now!

I think if 99 had wheels she'd be the fastest streetcar around. She really shifted into high gear once she got started! I know sometimes she feels like the wheels are spinning but the hamsters dead. I am pushing her to keep on hanging in there with me though and we are making progress. Check it out...

  On the curbside bench seat the side facing was kind of rough so she ripped that off and built a new one. My aluminum trim was covered in white paint and kind of lost it's luster where it weren't all painted up. It's been stripped and polished.

My floor had some sticky tiles on it. She pulled those up too. Then scraped up the old glue with the help of some floor stripper.

After I was all cleaned up and repairs made...the paint came out. I surely was happy bout that. I was feeling nekkid as a jaybird stripped down like this. 99 can't stand to paint! She says she can shellac or varnish wood all day long, but there is something about painting that rubs her the wrong way. I think she would rather try to get socks on a rooster than paint. So, I was nice and quiet and kept to myself cause I could tell she didn't need me bugging her!

I still have those ripples in my wood. 99 calls 'em my wrinkles. Hey, I ain't no spring chicken ya' know. 

On one of our colder rainy days 99 set to work making curtains and covering upholstery. What da' hale is goin on here...I got me some polka dots! Big change from the camo! 

99 also decided to give me some oak trim accents. I believe I am starting to look as handsome as a spotted hog! Just for effect here is a before and after photo...

My table leg was rebuilt and a piece of oak cut for the triangley thingy. The nicely polished aluminum trim was put back in place using all new screws.

I'm a feelin' a lil blue over here, but 99 says it's all gonna come together and when she is done Ima gonna look mighty fine. God willing and the creeks don't rise, I believe there'll be a day right soon when I do!

Gonna leave you with this final thought: Whatever it is you believe in, always put some soul into it and have faith no matter how long or hard the road may seem! 
 It's all about soul

It's all about faith and a deeper devotion
It's all about soul
'Cause under the love is a stronger emotion
(Billy Joel, It's all about soul)

Time to get back to gittin 'er done now. Can't happen quick enuf for me because once I am done, I think I am going to find my soul mate. Could it be you?

See ya'll later gator!

Daryll B. Aday

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hey out there! It's me...Daryll. Daryll B. Aday and yes, I believe there will. I promised I would get back to ya all and here I am. It's been a while and I am not sure where in tarnation to start. First of all, this NY weather has been crazy. Warm, cold, warm, cold. I often hear 99 asking under her breath why she even lives in such a godforsaken cackamany state. She's been sick, so work has been slow. A few days she didn't come out at all. I got a dang bit worried too. When she did bless lil ole me with her company,  I knew she wasn't well, but she's got the gumption to keep it moving. That and I think she is just the teensiest bit sweet on me and just can't bear to stay away. Anyway, it's about two in the morning here and she just called quitting time. So, I figured I would catch you up on what's been happening in our neck of these woods.
99 got into me and checked out all the important stuff. She was not overjoyed but not totally forlorn. Pictures say a thousand words so let me show you what she saw...
This is my dinette. I am missing my propane light that hung in the overhead cubby. No big deal.

This is my rear area with the overhead bunk in the down position.

Yep, still have my fridge and original hinges and handles!

My fridge needs some loving!

This is my bathroom/closet.

Here is my kitchen!

Original sink, faucet and stove. Also the little light under the cabinets too!

My electric boxes. I run on fuses. P.S. glad 99's isn't too short!

Flashback to 1964!

I came with a spare tire!

My original water tank!

My previous owner had this redone. Moved my "lifter" over to the side because he said it was always in the way. 

Yep, I have some signs of age and previous leakatosis disease. At least I don't leak now! 

Newly done wiring. That's a plus!

This wall will be replaced. No bones about it. 

Got my original light and this wall is okay. 

My heater is under that vent!

Cool knob huh?

So, according to 99 the back wall has to come off and be replaced. The curbside wall has to be replaced. The closet needs work. Everything needs fresh paint. All cupboard doors have to come off, all hinges and handles need polished, all aluminum interior trim has to be removed and paint removed and polished. Floor needs fixed, cushions need covered, curtains need to be made, and the list goes on and on and on....

In other words, multipy the mass of your patootie by the angle of the dangle and you will figure it out. You still with me? Okay.

Now, I am feeling good about this whole anticipation of a rejuvenation and for me it is quite a fascination. A lot has been done since these photos and I will share them very soon. 99 says sometimes you just have to close out the world and focus on the task at hand. The task being me I guess. Of course once in a while we get a visitor over here. Like the other day when 99 was scraping my floor and the neighbor came over and rapped on the window. I thought 99 was gonna lay down and die while clutching her heart with one hand and a scraper in the other. What a way to go she said. That lady scared the be'jesus out of her! 

So, here we are doing our thing. We listen to the radio. That's cool. Been listening to country lately. 99 is tired of the same old tunes so she switches a lot. I'm good with that cuz I am a country boy. However, when this one comes on we kick it into high gear... 

"They're the in crowd, we're the other ones
It's a different kind of cloth that we're cut from
We let our colors show, where the numbers ain't
With the paint where there ain't supposed to be paint

That's who we are
That's how we roll
The Outsiders, The Outsiders"

Yep, that's who we are and that's how we roll. We are the outsiders! That's me and my 99! We are kicking it out here outside in the driveway in this tiny one square mile town. That's how we roll!

Speaking of cloth. 99 has some carpet to cut tomorrow so I better hit the sack cause I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be one of last good weather days we are gonna see. Supposed to be down to 27 degrees by Sunday. Lots of stuff to pack in before that hits! 

Just want to leave ya'll with this one last thought..

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything. 

Make the best of whatever you got, no matter what it takes! 

See ya'll real soon now!

Daryll B. Aday

Friday, November 8, 2013

Daryll B. Aday The 1964 Serro Scotty Hi-lander

Greetings. My name is Daryll B. Aday. I am a 1964 Scotty Split Level Hi-lander. I was designed by John Serro back in 1964. He started out building a 16 1/2 ft trailer in his barn in Irwin, Pa back in 1956. It didn't go over too well. He hung in there though because he knew there would be a day when he would get his big break. So, next he built a 10ft teardrop. That one didn't roll either. Refusing to give up he came up with an idea while on vacation, left early and began to set the wheels in motion with the 13ft Sportsman. This one stole the show and he set to work building his company, The Serro Travel Trailer Company. I will tell you more about the company as this blog progresses.

Like I said, I came about in 1964 and it was the only year the Scotty Hi-lander was made with the bump, or sun deck, behind the door. The next year they were changed and the bump extended to the front of the door from that point on.

So, I guess you could say I am kind of a rare breed. Unique in my own right and a little bit different than the rest. Nothing wrong with being different, right?  My previous owner took the best care of me that he could. He has to move though and can't take me with him. So, today I will be on my way to my new home with this trailer girl named 99. I can't wait to get there. It will be sad to say goodbye, but I have a feeling there are good things in store for me. I just hope she likes me. I'm keeping my wires crossed that she does!! Not too worried though. I heard through the trailervine that 99 is a big sucker for old trailers and even though some of us are beat up her heart still beats for us. With wild passion is what I heard. So, I think I should do just fine.

I hope you will follow along on my journey. For now, here are some photos of what I look like before 99 gets her hands on me!!

I will get back to you on how my trip to my new home turns out. Just about time to hit the road. I am almost positive that my transformation will begin the moment I arrive. I've been well loved and it shows. But, I'm gonna be loved a little differently. I can feel it in all the way down to my axle! Yessiree, I am about to embark on a path that will bring me back to my old glory and I'm loving it!! I can barely believe it's gonna happen, but I do!! I just want to tell you that if you ever think that life is as good as it's gonna get, and you feel like giving up...don't. It's those who never give up on their dreams that realize them. They will come true. I promise. There'll be a day when it all pays off!


Daryll B. Aday